It can change the world, though.

Is there really something better than our inner child’s energy and impulsiveness capable of driving the change?

With these premises the third edition of TEDxTransmedia took place last 28th September at the Maxxi in Rome. The event has been organized by Nicoletta Iacobacci and its theme was WEkids: Dreamers, Geeks and Mindshifters.

At TEDxTransmedia the subject was not about how to create transmedia products, but about what the right people can do with transmedia: make easier to change the world and make the difference.

For example, some young guests from St. George’s International School between 12 and 16 years old managed to do it. They showed to the speechless audience how they changed and improved some areas in Africa and in the Roman suburbs.

The dreamers, such as Alison Norrington e Øyvind Olsholt, pointed out our inner child’s hidden potentialities. Adults’ imagination can use impulsivity, quickness and wonder.

Rhianna Pratchett, among the geeks, emphasized the limits blocking the listening to the inner child. For instance the videogame writers have to cross the fixed limits, because «to define is to limit».

Among the mindshifters, professor de Kerckhove underlined the digital influences that, once recognized, can make us see where we are going and how we are evolving.

In the afternoon the break started with an unexpected speech from Salvatore Iaconesi, a dreamer, a geek and a mindshifter who enchanted the audience presenting his The Cure Open Source. «Grab the information about my disease, if you want, and give me a CURE: create a video, an artwork, a map, a text, a poem, a game, or try to find a solution for my health problem. Artists, designers, hackers, scientists, doctors, photographers, videomakers, musicians, writers. Anyone can give me a CURE.»

But why is transmedia an ugly word? Several speakers stated that. There are people saying it sounds bad and finding it ugly because it’s just a new way to define something existing since the beginning of our culture — someone even created the word “trance-media”. Does defining something as transmedia help us setting a specific storytelling or, again, «to define is to limit»?

Therefore Subvertising wanted to interview two sides of the same transmedia coin: Alison Norrington, a brilliant writer specialized in transmedia Storytelling and professor Derrick de Kerckhove, philosopher and theorist of the new media. Finally we have the point of view of the curator of the event, Nicoletta Iacobacci, who kindly granted us an interview.


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